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Postdoctoral Position in Bioinformatics/Genetics—Liao Lab, University of California San Francisco

A postdoctoral research position is available in the field of bioinformatics/genetics within the laboratory of Dr. Wilson Liao, Professor and Vice Chair of Research in Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. The Liao Lab conducts research on the genetics and genomics of inflammatory skin disease. Current projects include: large-scale genetic analysis of psoriasis and hidradenitis suppurativa, single cell RNA-seq, and pharmacogenetics


We are seeking a candidate with an interest in bioinformatics, genetics, precision medicine, immunology, and molecular biology. The ideal applicant will have experience with analysis of gene expression, genotyping data, sequencing data, and genome-wide association studies.

The successful applicant will work on a research team to conduct experiments, perform data analyses, and implement novel approaches relevant for genetic studies of skin diseases. The applicant will play a major role in determining new research directions and in drafting manuscripts and presenting results at professional meetings.


The applicant should hold an M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree. This position requires a highly motivated individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills.


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  3. Chang HW, Yan D, Singh R, Liu J, Lu X, Ucmak D, Lee K, Afifi L, Fadrosh D, Leech J, Vasquez KS, Lowe MM, Rosenblum MD, Scharschmidt TC, Lynch SV, Liao W. Alteration of the cutaneous microbiome in psoriasis and potential role in Th17 polarization. Microbiome. 2018 09 05; 6(1):154. PMID: 30185226.
  4. Yin X, Low HQ, Wang L, Li Y, Ellinghaus E, Han J, Estivill X, Sun L, Zuo X, Shen C, Zhu C, Zhang A, Sanchez F, Padyukov L, Catanese JJ, Krueger GG, Duffin KC, Mucha S, Weichenthal M, Weidinger S, Lieb W, Foo JN, Li Y, Sim K, Liany H, Irwan I, Teo Y, Theng CT, Gupta R, Bowcock A, De Jager PL, Qureshi AA, de Bakker PI, Seielstad M*, Liao W*, Ståhle M*, Franke A*, Zhang X*, Liu J*. Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies multiple novel associations and ethnic heterogeneity of psoriasis susceptibility. Nat Commun. 2015; 6:6916. *Jointly supervised.

For more information, visit: https://liaolab.ucsf.edu

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Wilson Liao at wilson.liao@ucsf.edu or at (415) 476-8364.
Application deadline: Ongoing


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