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#JIDJournal "Killing Two Birds with One Stone: TNF Antagonists Downregulate Systemic IL-1β in Psoriasis," a commentary by Emmanuel Contassot & Lars French https://t.co/hsCHmwmDBC

#JIDJournal "Identifying a Potential Therapeutic Host Target in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis," a commentary by David Croitoru & Vincent Piguet https://t.co/ixIzISI2YH #dermscience

#JIDJournal Research Techniques Made Simple: Experimental Methodology for Imaging Mass Cytometry https://t.co/5HCRIt7V3T

Hair follicles are surrounded by dermal fat, but how do fat cells influence hair growth and pigmentation? In this work authors found that dermal fat activates Wnt/β-catening , which stimulates scalp hair growth and pigmentation. https://t.co/WStXz0tNTX #JIDJournal 1/2 https://t.co/OLzZC8aiQZ JIDJournals photo

Extending their work on a mannan-induced #psoriasis mouse model ( https://t.co/aQV6NIxOjG) @John2Zh et al show how mutations in Qa2 (innate lymphocyte regulator) and Ncf1 (ROS producer) contribute to spread of #psoriasis. https://t.co/flCmSFGG9Z #JIDJournal #DermScience

Fibroblasts help create and maintain the 'glue' that holds the skin together - in this review authors hypothesize that senescent fibroblasts are key drivers of tissue and organ damage in nuanced ways. https://t.co/Lh94L716SN #JIDJournal #DermScience https://t.co/HupYiVOYlF JIDJournals photo