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"Inflammatory Response Persists after Biologic Therapy in Psoriasis Plaques"--Mashiko et al. examined inflammatory mechanisms that preclude skin clearance in residual plaques in patients treated w/ adalimumab, ustekinumab, or... https://t.co/9eHC2xLguZ #JIDJournal #dermscience

Targeted Knockout of β-Catenin in Adult Melanocyte Stem Cells Using a Mouse Line, Dct::CreERT2, Results in Disrupted Stem Cell Renewal and Pigmentation Defects https://t.co/CSa4MR9YEU #JIDJournal #dermscience

Causal Analysis Shows Evidence of Atopic Dermatitis Leading to an Increase in Vitamin D Levels https://t.co/0memvwddmW #JIDJournal #dermscience

"Understanding Epidermal Necrolysis after the Initial Hospitalization," a commentary by Megan Noe https://t.co/aOlHZsDixO #JIDJournal #dermscience

"Unraveling the Heterogeneity of Hidradenitis Suppurativa with Phenotype Schema," a commentary by Joslyn Kirby https://t.co/94d4UMvpYO #JIDJournal #dermscience

Time for another #SID2021 twitter thread! We'll focus on Thursday's State of the Art Lecture by @DonGlassII, titled "Keloids: Aberrant Wound Healing/Inflammatory Fibroproliferative Disorder" from @UTSWDerm 1/n