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The Role of Autophagy in Skin Fibroblasts, Keratinocytes, Melanocytes, and Epidermal Stem Cells https://t.co/ogaZNcaDOv #JIDJournal #dermscience https://t.co/KCqFXzfpax

New Frontiers in Psoriatic Disease Research, Part I: Genetics, Environmental Triggers, Immunology, Pathophysiology, and Precision Medicine https://t.co/Tq9HeXSHbd #JIDJournal #dermscience

The RATIOnal Role of Polyamines in Epidermal Differentiation https://t.co/QIIaKfxi69 #JIDJournal #dermscience

Extracellular Adenosine Triphosphate: A Modulator of Cutaneous Candida albicans Infection https://t.co/DqlotUJpgQ #JIDJournal #dermscience

"Adenosine Triphosphate Released by Candida albicans Is Associated with Reduced Skin Infectivity" -- Zhang et al. find that Candida albicans, which grows as both a commensal and a pathogen at barrier sites in humans, releases... https://t.co/hMCBIXEwjV #JIDJournal #dermscience

"The Polyamine Regulator AMD1 Upregulates Spermine Levels to Drive Epidermal Differentiation" -- Rahim et al. describe regulation of keratinocyte differentiation by AMD1, a regulator of polyamine levels that are altered in skin... https://t.co/Dc60L2Ftxo #JIDJournal #dermscience