Freinkel Diversity Fellows

The application cycle for 2021 Frienkel Fellowships is now closed.

Congratulations to our inaugural awardees:

Angel Byrd, MD/PhD (Howard University) and Felicite Noubissi, PhD (Jackson State University)

SID Announces a Fellowship Program to Promote Diversity in Investigative Dermatology: Freinkel Diversity Fellows

Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, original restrictions on the use of funds will be relaxed.

  • Increase diversity in the SID by raising the profile of women and underrepresented minorities (URMs) who conduct clinical and laboratory- based research in dermatology and cutaneous biology
  • Increase the participation and recognition of women and URMs within the organizational activities and meetings of the SID

The SID has as its core mission to advance and promote investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology.   To achieve these goals the SID must be a leader in the recruiting, nurturing and mentoring of the next generation of scientists focused on investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology.  Going forward it is critically important that the SID develops a culture that promotes a diverse and inclusive membership that fully embraces and develops the talent of individuals who have not traditionally been a part of the SID, including women and underrepresented minorities.

It is recognized that with the increase in the global community of investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology, the careers of young women and URMs would be enhanced by engagement with a broader community of investigators in this field.

Click here to read about Ruth Freinkel, MD.

The SID has established a fellowship program to increase the profile of women and URMs who are already members of the SID and are committed to careers in investigative dermatology and cutaneous biology.

Up to two individuals will be selected each year for fellowship awards.  Awards may be renewed once for a total of two years.

  • Free registration for the SID annual meeting.
  • $7,500 grant to their institution each year to support the travel activities of the fellow during the 2 years. Fellows may elect to use a portion of these funds to support the travel of students or fellows in their lab or collaborators, provided all of the fellowship responsibilities are fulfilled.

**Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the SID Diversity & Inclusion Committee has determined that the Award funds may be used to support additional aspects of the awardee’s research program (example: supporting technology, etc.), virtual conference registration fees, student stipends and other related expenses (All must be approved by awardee’s Institution.)**

  • Announcement of the Fellow to include a photograph and brief description of their research program in the JID and at the annual SID Annual Meeting.
  • For each year of the 2-year award, the fellows will attend the annual meeting of the SID or the ISID meeting if the fellowship occurs during a year without an SID meeting.
  • For each year of the 2-year award, attend the SID BOD meeting held concurrent with the SID Annual Meeting to update the Board on the activities in the previous year supported by the Fellowship.
  • Submit an abstract and attend a different ISID Member meeting in each year of the two-year award.
  • Submit an abstract and attend another major scientific meeting in their field of work to promote research in dermatology and/or cutaneous biology done by women and/or URMs during the two years of the fellowship.
  • Identify a senior mentor, who is an active member of the SID, to guide career advancement.
  • With the guidance of their SID mentor identify standing SID committees of interest, attend meetings of the committee as an observer and apply for membership to a standing committee during their fellowship.
  • Engage with women and URMs in science to enhance national and international scientific collaborations.
  • Provide a written report of their activities for publication in the JID connector (with approval of the JID editor) and submission to the SID Committee on Diversity and inclusion with ideas for improvement of the fellowship at the end of each calendar year.
  • Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by an SID member
  • Women and/or URMs early in their careers (within 10 years of their latest doctoral degree)
  • Engaged in investigative dermatology or cutaneous biology (clinical or laboratory based)
  • Full-time faculty appointment in an Academic Department
  • Physicians and non-physicians are eligible (preference for one of each will be selected per year)
  • Permanent resident or US citizen, working in the United States
  • Member of the Society for Investigative Dermatology
  • Candidates selected by the Committee of Diversity and Inclusion must be approved by the BOD before the award is made