JID Innovations


JID Innovations is an, online-only Open Access journal that provides an international forum for the rapid publication of  high-quality, peer reviewed research in the field of skin biology and disease.   JID Innovations publishes original scientific  articles, clinical trial reports, letters to the Editor, descriptions of methods and new technologies, case reports and case series, and reviews. Topics address all aspects of skin science from molecular studies to population health, including studies addressing the pathogenesis and treatment of skin diseases.  Submissions may confirm or challenge current knowledge, inform the community of a new technology or resource, advance a new hypothesis, or challenge existing paradigms (for more detail see the introductory editorial).

JID Innovations:

  • publishes so-called “negative studies”, because when science is performed well, all research results are important.
  • conducts double anonymized peer review to help reduce bias.
  • has a dedicated board of Statistical Editors so all papers receive statistical review.
  • has a dedicated Board of Reviewers to help us reduce peer review times and source potential reviewers faster.

Russell P. Hall, Editor
Elizabeth Nelson Blalock, Executive Managing Editor
Jan Higgins, Managing Editor
Sarah Forgeng, Editorial Process Manager

JID Innovations
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