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JID Innovations Announces a New Initiative

JID Innovations Announces a New Initiative: Board of Reviewers

A strong peer review process is the foundation of all scientific publications and JID Innovations is committed to rigorous, fair, and transparent peer review. As a part of JID Innovations commitment to this process the journal initiated double-anonymized peer review in October, 2022. This was done to assure authors, as well as readers that JID Innovations evaluates manuscripts based on what the authors have done, not on who did the work, or where it was done. Ultimately however, the success of any peer review process is based on the dedication and expertise of individual reviewers.

In appreciation for, and in recognition of the importance of peer review, JID Innovations has established the JID Innovations Editorial Board of Reviewers. This Board of Reviewers will be comprised of individuals demonstrating excellence in their field of study, a strong commitment to peer review, and by the excellence of their reviews. JID Innovations understands that authors also value timeliness during the peer review process, and that in recent years, peer review times have increased. JID Innovations hopes that by establishing a Board of Reviewers the journal can reduce peer review times and provide prompt decisions.

The Board of Reviewers is listed on the JID Innovations website along with other Editorial Board members including the Deputy Editor, Associate Editors, and Statistical Editors.

JID Innovations would like to thank all of the volunteers who give their time to make the journal as successful as it is.

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