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Garza Lab Johns Hopkins Training Opportunities

The lab: Garza lab, Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD USA

Our work:
The Garza lab is interested in regenerative medicine— reactivating the programs of embryogenesis in adults to fully rebuild damaged tissue. We use the skin as a model system. Our general goal is to promote regeneration and stem cells to improve skin appearance and function in health and disease. We try to bridge rigorous science to translational medicine in an effort to generate products that will find broad use in our patients. Our lab currently focuses on two areas:

1- Appendage regeneration. Regrowth of a lost limb is a long-term goal. In the short term we use the hair follicle as a proxy since the genetic pathways which control hair and limb development overlap. We use this as an assay to study basic biology concepts such as the role of the microbiome, innate immunity and dsRNA sensing.
2- Skin identity conversion. In the short term to help amputees, we wish to convert the identity of the skin at the stump site to the thick type of skin found on the palms and soles. We are FDA approved for the ability of fibroblast stem cells to convert skin identity in amputees.

Training Position:
Depending on exact timing we occasionally have spots open for graduate students, PhD postdocs, and MD-PhD dermatologists pursuing postdoc

No deadline; rolling admissions. Contact to see exact availability

Luis Garza, MD-PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Dermatology
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Office: Room 204; Lab: Suite 216
1551 Orleans Street
Baltimore, MD 21287




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