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Sun Pharma Fellowship Opportunities
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Sun Pharma/SID Innovation Research Fellowships

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DESCRIPTION: The goals of of the Sun Pharma/SID Innovation Research Fellowships are to provide support for meritorious research, to strengthen the research environment of schools, and to expose available young investigators in such environments to meritorious research. Sun Pharma-SID Fellowships will enable qualified scientists to receive support for small-scale research projects-an important step in establishing their independence as an investigator.  

ELIGIBILITY: Fellows from institutions in the United States may apply.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Primary Mentor must be an early stage Independent Investigator and an SID Member (at time of the application and throughout the award period) who has been awarded no more than one R01.
  • Fellows should be within five years of graduating from their terminal degree, or within two years of graduating from a Dermatology residency program.
  • The research project is focused on inflammatory skin disease, skin cancer, or photobiology.
  • The grants are for non-ACGME-accredited fellowship programs. Sun Pharma-SID Research Fellows cannot be in a residency program during the award period.
  • Sun Pharma-SID Research Fellows are expected to devote at least 75 percent of their effort to research during the award period.
  • Sun Pharma-SID Research Fellowships are primarily intended for those who already hold the MD, PhD, or MD/PhD degree.

AWARDS: Fellowship program award funding will be paid to the institution. Two Fellowship awardees will receive a maximum of $50,000 each for two years to support their fellowship stipend. Institutions are to certify that funds will be applied toward stipend, salary and fringe benefits only, and not to be used for any indirect costs. Funds are non-renewable but consecutive applications to support the same fellow for multiple years are allowed. 

REVIEW: A committee composed of SID Leaders-experts in Dermatology-will review applications. Fellowship award recipients will be selected based on the strengths of the program, project, mentor, and fellow. 

The next cycle deadlines will be announced soon.

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