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August 30, 2016



Clinical Trials in Immune Tolerance in Autoimmune Skin Disease

The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) is an international clinical research consortium founded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease of the National Institutes of Health, with the mission to accelerate the clinical development of immune tolerance therapies through a unique collaborative model. Additional support is provided by the NIDDK and JDRF.

The ITN develops, implements, and conducts trials of novel immune tolerance therapeutics in autoimmune diseases, allergy & asthma, transplantation and type 1 diabetes. ITN trials look beyond the traditional endpoints of safety and efficacy, actively investigating the mechanisms of tolerance induction and maintenance by integrating hypothesis-driven, mechanism-based research into all its clinical trials. The goal is to improve our understanding of tolerance in the human clinical setting and to establish new biomarkers of tolerance in human disease. Supported by an unprecedented array of core facilities offering state-of-the-art genetic, cellular and immunologic assays, the ITN is generating some of the first combined clinical and mechanistic data on immune tolerance induction in humans.

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July 6, 2016
National Psoriasis Foundation Research Grants Program

The National Psoriasis Foundation Research Program funds and promotes research into psoriatic disease and related comorbidities, under NPF's mission of finding a cure for psoriatic disease and improving the lives of those affected.

We choose our research projects not only for their potential to yield information that may help treat psoriatic disease, but also to answer basic questions about the underlying disease mechanisms, comorbidities, and public health.  Applications undergo a rigorous scientific peer-review by a panel of experts and are then selected for funding based on patient input and Foundation priorities. 

This year the Foundation is offering six different research grant opportunities: Discovery Grants, Translational Research Grants, Early Career Research Grants, Bridge Grants, the 2017 Public Health Challenge Grant, and Psoriatic Arthritis Research Grants.