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 2014 SID/JSID Young Fellow Collegiality Travel Awards 

Background: Young Investigator Collegiality Travel Awards are a joint initiative between the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (JSID) and the Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID) designed to promote the academic career development of researchers and clinician-scientists in investigative dermatology.
The joint vision of the two societies is to help promising researchers obtain international exposure of their work and thereby enhance their professional achievement. The intent is to stimulate academic exchange as well as new professional interactions and collaborations.
The Program: Young investigators (who are SID members at the time of travel) may submit an abstract containing data not previously published or presented for the 2014 JSID Meeting in Osaka, Japan. Either en route to the JSID Meeting or immediately after, the SID/JSID Collegiality Awardee is encouraged to visit a department or institute at which the individual can present some data and participate in academic discussions (as well as local hospitality).
Eligibility: To be eligible for these travel grants, applicants must be a member of the SID at the time of travel, and active in investigative dermatology in a US-based department, laboratory, or institution. The applicant must also be employed as a Resident, PhD student, Post-Doctoral Fellow, or Assistant Professor. Priority will be given to senior Post-Doctoral Fellows and Junior Faculty for the 2014 JSID Meeting.
Selection: Abstracts will be submitted prior to the JSID application deadline and a committee made up of leaders from the SID will choose up to three applicants for the award. Applicants will then submit their abstracts to the JSID meeting for inclusion in the program, knowing that travel support is guaranteed.
The award: Successful applicants will be awarded a travel grant in the amount of up to $1,500 to assist with travel and accommodation expenses. The JSID will waive the registration fee associated with the Annual Meeting of the JSID to be held December 12-14, 2014 in Osaka, Japan. Applicants, with the assistance of senior members of their department, the JSID or the SID, are encouraged to seek out colleagues in Japan to visit for the purpose of enhancing scientific exchange. There will also be an opportunity for the successful applicant to present and discuss their data when visiting a department in Japan or Asia. Applicants are expected to have a senior member of their department assist in coordinating their visit to a host department. Additional costs associated with the travel beyond the award amount will be borne by the applicant or the host department.
Application Process:
1.    By July 10, 2014 applicants will submit:
·         Abstract containing new, unpublished data that has not been presented previously in a format required by JSID
2.    By August 3, 2014 applicants will submit:
·         A brief CV
·         Letter of endorsement by Department Chair and/or Laboratory Director supporting travel of applicant to JSID meeting
·         If available details of proposed department visit in Japan, including letter of acceptance from the department
3.    Abstract will be evaluated by committee of JSID and SID members
4.    Up to three Fellows will be selected no later than August 29, 2014
5.    Upon acceptance of abstract by the JSID the Fellow should notify the SID office for final award planning
6.    Previous awardees of ESDR/SID or JSID/SID Collegiality Awards are not eligible to apply
Submission: Apply by email to Jim Rumsey, Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer ( or via fax at 216/579-9333.
Notification: Awardees will be notified by a representative of the SID no later than August 29, 2014.

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