Auditing Committee
Lynn Cornelius, MD, Vice-President (ex-officio), Chair
Richard Granstein, MD, 2010-2014
Alexa Kimball, MD/MPH, Vice-President elect (ex-officio)
Rivkah Isseroff, MD, Immediate Past Vice-President (ex-officio)
Jim Rumsey, Staff Liaison

Committee on Education
Rachael Clark, MD/PhD, Co-Chair, 2009-2014
Spiro Getsios, PhD, Co-Chair, 2010-2014
Suephy Chen, MD, 2011-2015
Douglas Grossman, MD/PhD, 2013-2017
Youn Kim, MD, 2012-2016
Maria Morasso, PhD, 2013-2017
Alan Moshell, MD, 2010-2015
Lynn Cornelius, MD, Vice President
Alexa Kimball, MD/MPH, Vice President-elect
Anu Mathur, MD/PhD, Resident/Post-Doc Representative
Fang Liu, PhD, Resident/Post Doc Representative
Becky Minnillo, Staff Liaison

Executive Committee
Paul Bergstresser, MD, President
S. Wright Caughman, MD, President-elect
Thomas Kupper, MD, Immediate Past President
Russell Hall, MD, Secretary-Treasurer
Alice Pentland, MD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Barbara Gilchrest, MD, Editor (ex officio)
Anthony Oro, MD/PhD, Board of Director
Becky Minnillo, DM/MPA, Executive Director, Chief Program and Development Officer (ex-officio)
Jim Rumsey, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer (ex-officio)

Committee on Finances
Jeffrey Travers, MD, Chair, 2010-2015
Kenneth Tomecki, MD, 2010-2014
Aimee Payne, MD/PhD, 2013-2018
Lisa Beck, MD, Board Representative, 2011-2014
Janet Fairley, MD, Board Representative, 2013-2016
Barbara Gilchrest, MD, JID Editor (ex officio, non-voting)
Russell P. Hall, MD, Secretary-Treasurer, (ex officio, non-voting)
Alice Pentland, MD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (ex officio, non-voting)
Jim Rumsey, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer (ex-officio, non-voting)

Committee on Membership
Andrew Kowalczyk, PhD, Chair, 2011-2014
Lloyd Miller, MD, 2012-2015
Maryam Asgari, MD/MPH, 2013-2016
Alice Pentland, MD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio)
Becky Minnillo, Staff Liaison

Committee on Nominations
Richard Clark, MD, Chair, 2011-2014
Kathleen Green, PhD, 2012-2015
Kim Yancey, MD, 2013-2016
Becky Minnillo, DM/MPA, Staff Liaison

Committee on Scientific Programs
Jack Arbiser, MD/PhD, 2009-2014
Mitchell Denning, PhD 2010-2014
Anthony Gaspari, MD, 2010-1015
My Mahoney, MD, 2010-2015
Sam Hwang, MD, 2011-2016
Sarah Millar, PhD, 2011-2016
Paul Nghiem, MD/PhD, 2012-2017
Abrar Qurershi, MD, 2012-2017
Nicole Ward, PhD, 2013-2018
Victoria Werth, MD, 2013-2018
Paul Bergstresser, MD, President (ex-officio)
Alice Pentalnd, MD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio)
Russell Hall, MD, Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio)
Jim Rumsey, Staff Liaison

Congratulations to the following SID Members who have been elected to serve on SID Standing Committees!
(Terms commence after the 2014 SID Annual Meeting.).

Committee on Scientific Programs, 2014-2019
Ethan Lerner, MD/PhD
Dan Kaplan, MD/PhD

Committee on Education, 2014-2018*
John Seykora, MD/PhD
Kavitha Reddy, MD
Valerie Horsley, PhD * (2013-2016 to fill vacant position immediately)

Committee on Membership, 2014-2017
George Sen, PhD 

Committee on Finance, 2014-2019
Thomas Ruenger, MD PhD

Audit Committee, 2014-2018
Brian Poligone, MD

Committee on Nominations, 2014-2017
Thomas Kupper, MD

(Ad hoc) Committee on Honorary Membership, 2014-2017
Dennis Roop, PhD