Audit Committee
Alexa B. Kimball, MD/MPH, Vice-President (ex-officio), Chair, 2014-2015
Anthony Gaspari, MD, Vice-President elect (ex-officio), 2014-2015
Lynn A. Cornelius, MD, Immediate Past Vice-President (ex-officio) 2014-2015
Brian Poligone, MD/PhD, 2014-2018
Martin Weinstock, MD/PhD, Board Representative, 2013-2016
Jim Rumsey, Staff Liaison

Committee on Education
Suephy Chen, MD, Co-Chair, 2011-2015
Alan Moshell, MD, Co-Chair, 2010-2015
Douglas Grossman, MD/PhD, 2013-2017
Valerie Horsley, PhD, 2013-2016
Youn H. Kim, MD, 2012-2016
Maria I. Morasso, PhD, 2013-2017
Kavitha Reddy, MD, 2014-2018
John Seykora, MD/PhD, 2014-2018
Alexa B. Kimball, MD/MPH, Vice President (ex-officio), 2014-2015
Anthony Gaspari, MD, Vice President-elect (ex-officio), 2014-2015
Fang Liu, PhD, Resident/Post Doc Representative, (ex-officio), 2013-2015
Lisa Liu, MD/PhD, Resident/Post Doc Representative, (ex-officio), 2014-2016
Becky Minnillo, Staff Liaison

Executive Committee
S. Wright Caughman, MD, President, 2014-2015
Mark Udey, MD/PhD, President-elect, 2014-2015
Paul R. Bergstresser, MD, Immediate Past President, 2014-2015
Alice Pentland, MD, Secretary-Treasurer, 2014-2017
Richard L. Gallo, MD/PhD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, 2014-2017
Barbara A. Gilchrest, MD, JID Editor, 2012-2017
Anthony E. Oro, MD/PhD, Board Representative, 2013-2015
Jim Rumsey, Executive Director, (ex-officio)
Becky Minnillo, Executive Director, (ex-officio)

Committee on Finances
Janet A. Fairley, MD, Chair/Board Representative, 2013-2016
Jeffrey Travers, MD, 2010-2015
Aimee S. Payne, MD/PhD, 2013-2018
Thomas Ruenger, MD/PhD, 2014-2019
Board Representative TBD
Alice P. Pentland, MD, Secretary-Treasurer, (ex officio), 2014-2017
Richard L. Gallo, MD/PhD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio), 2014-2017
Barbara A. Gilchrest, MD, JID Editor (ex officio), 2012-2017
Jim Rumsey, Staff Liaison (ex-officio) 

Committee on Membership
Maryam Asgari, MD/MPH, Chair, 2012-2015
Lloyd S. Miller, MD/PhD, 2013-2016
George Sen, PhD, 2014-2017
Richard L. Gallo, MD/PhD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio), 2014-2017
Becky Minnillo, Staff Liaison

Committee on Nominations
Kathleen J. Green, PhD, Chair, 2012-2015
Kim B. Yancey, MD, 2013-2016
Thomas S. Kupper, MD, 2014-2017
Becky Minnillo, Staff Liaison

Committee on Scientific Programs
Anthony Gaspari, MD, Co-Chair, 2010-2015
My Mahoney, PhD, Co-Chair, 2010-2015
Sam Hwang, MD, 2011-2016
Sarah Millar, PhD, 2011-2016
Paul T. Nghiem, MD/PhD, 2012-2017
Abrar A. Quareshi, MD/PhD, 2012-2017
Nicole L. Ward, PhD, 2013-2018
Victoria P. Werth, MD, 2013-2018
Daniel Kaplan, MD/PhD, 2014-2019
Ethan Lerner, MD/PhD, 2014-2019
S. Wright Caughman, MD, President (ex-officio), 2014-2015
Alice P. Pentland, MD, Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio) (non-voting), 2014-2017
Richard L. Gallo, MD/PhD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (non-voting), 2014-2017
Jim Rumsey, Staff Liaison
Robyn Cipolletti, Staff Liaison

Congratulations to the following individuals appointed to SID Standing Committees!
Committee on Scientific Programs-2015-2020
Lloyd Miller, MD/PhD
Kevin Wang, MD/PhD
Committee on Education-2015-2019
Heidi Kong, MD
Todd Ridke, MD
Committee on Membership-2015-2018
Lisa DeLouise, PhD
Committee on Finance-2015-2020
Robert Swerlick, MD
Committee on Nominations-2014-2017
Paul Bergstresser, MD