Board, Leadership and Staff

Paul R. Bergstresser, MD, President, 2013-2014
Lynn A. Cornelius, MD, Vice President, 2013-2014
S. Wright Caughman, MD, President-elect, 2013-2014
Alexa B. Kimball, MD/MPH, Vice President-elect, 2013-2014
Thomas S. Kupper, MD, Immediate Past President, 2013-2014
Russell P. Hall, MD, Secretary-Treasurer, 2011-2014
Alice Pentland, MD, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, 2011-2014
Barbara A. Gilchrest, MD, JID Editor, 2012-2017

Lisa A. Beck, MD, 2009-2014
James T. Elder, MD, 2012-2017
Janet A. Fairley, MD, 2011-2016
Richard L. Gallo, MD/PhD, 2009-2014
Maranke I. Koster, PhD, 2013-2018
Andrew P. Kowalczyk, PhD, 2010-2015
David J. Margolis, MD/PhD, 2013-2018
Fang Liu, PhD, 2013-2015
Anthony E. Oro, MD/PhD, 2012-2017
M. Joyce Rico, MD/MBA, 2010-2015
Martin Weinstock, MD/PhD, 2011-2016
Anu Mathur, MD/PhD, 2012-2014

Leadership Advisor
Lowell Goldsmith, MD/MPH, SID Senior Medical and Scientific Advisor


Rebecca Minnillo, DM/MPA                                                         
Co-Executive Director                                                                      
Chief Program & Development Officer                             

Jim Rumsey
Co-Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer     

Robyn Cipolletti
Association Services

Maria Asher
Program Services                                                                                    

Deborah Kovacs
Association Services     

Erica Strader
Association Services

Rachel Cobb
Meeting Services


Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Barbara Gilchrest, MD, Editor-in-Chief
Angela Christiano, PhD, Deputy Editor
Thomas Ruenger, MD/PhD, Deputy Editor
Thomas Werfel, MD, Deputy Editor
Elizabeth Blalock, Managing Editor
Albert Luong, Editorial Office

Congratulations to the following SID members on their appointment to the SID Board of Directors!
(Official appointment contingent upon the binding hand vote to take place at the SID BOD Business Meeting on May 9, 2014.).


Mark Udey, MD/PhD                       

Vice President-elect: 

Anthony Gaspari, MD                   

Board Members:                            
John Seykora, MD
Cheng-Ming Chuong, MD/PhD
(5-year terms)                                

Resident Board Member:               
Lisa Liu, MD/PhD
(2-year term)