2014 Special Lectures

Albert M. Kligman/Phillip Frost Leadership Lecture

Learning from Leprosy: Patterns of Inflammation in Skin Disease

Robert L. Modlin, MD
University of California-Los Angeles

Eugene M. Farber Lecture
Psoriasis: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Naomi M. Kanof Lecture
Integrating Omics-Data for Understanding Complex Disease
Herman Beerman Lecture

From Darwin to DNA: How Animals Adapt
Hopi E. Hoekstra, PhD, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts

William Montagna Lecture
TGFbeta-signaling in Skin Homeostasis, Diseases and Cancer: Paradoxes and Broken Dogmas

Julius Stone Lecture
Role of Prostaglandins in Skin Cancer
Stephen Rothman Memorial Award (Presented annually for distinguished service to investigative cutaneous medicine)
Jouni Uitto MD/PhD, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania